Positively impact over 1 million people in the region in the fight against COVID-19


Donors can choose the vetted initiatives they want to support or donate directly to IMPACTO to allocate resources across the different initiatives

Deliver over 2,000 meals to Colombia. Help us make it 10K
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US$25K committed, target US$125K

Sponsor antibody Covid-19 test kits to people in need in Brazil
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Deliver 20K meals to Brazil and Mexico

US$25K committed out of $300K target

IMPACTO brings together a diverse group of entrepreneurs to source, partner and fund Latin American initiatives to fight COVID-19

Monitor and Care solutions

We are prioritizing initiatives that address the most immediate challenges and deliver the greatest impact on people’s lives

We will work on Monitor and Care solutions and leverage our entrepreneurial team and partner ecosystem

Execution Network

Leveraging a network of execution partners that will provide sustainable solutions to the crisis


Provide Care to patients and healthcare workers through medical equipment, ventilators, sanitary kits, meals, telemedicine etc.​


Monitor the spread of the virus by delivering mass-testing capabilities to LatAm countries


Track the evolution live and support the COVID world via tracking, health passports and other data drive initiatives


Share results using data driven insights to guide public policy and private-sector response to the virus

IMPACTO has created a partner ecosystem including governments, technology firms, corporations, startups, non-for-profits and other organizations that share their assets and capabilities to save people’s lives

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