impacto + carla cristina = aiming to remove hunger and despair in families

Medellín, Colombia

“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.”

Buzz Aldrin

The idea seems so simple to do. Remove hunger and despair in families for just US$27. That is the amount of money needed to feed a family of six for a month. 

Our intention of creating impact in Latin American countries is linked to the objective of finding the gaps in communities and filling them. For this reason, in each of our initiatives, we seek strategic allies who are in the know and are passionate about what they do. That is why we joined forces with the Fundación Infantil Carla Cristina, a children’s foundation that provides comprehensive care to more than 2,300 children, offering nutrition, psychological care and pedagogical stimulation in 14 children’s centers in highly vulnerable areas in Medellin, Colombia.

With their help, we identified 50 families with children under five years old, with a 42% risk of malnutrition, and 24% with chronic malnutrition. The Maria Madre children’s center is located in the city of Bello, a neighborhood with a high population of displaced people and a high social risk. Of the 50 families, 20 were identified as having no income, and the other 30, only informal and non-regular income.

Today, at Impacto, we want to be able to do the same with other families, reaching many households in different communities that are in need of food. In this initiative we managed to feed more than 300 people and bring to their homes some light and hope, but there is so much more work to be done. Our goal is a long term one, with sustainability and commitment to continue bringing meals to the people who need it the most.

Written by @andreahalaby.heal.poetry