donating test kits for favelas in rio de janeiro



Partners with Favelas sem Corona, Rappi, Hi Technologies, Ribon and Bora Testar to

reduce the pandemic though rapid testing



MIAMI, October 1, 2020 – IMPACTO, a non-profit relief organization in the fight against COVID-19 in Latin America, has partnered with Favelas sem Corona, Rappi, Hi Technologies, Ribon and Bora Testar, to bring thousands of test kits to Favelas in Rio de Janeiro to help reduce the spread of the virus in neighborhoods with little access to basic sanitation and health services.


The initiative will run from October 5 to November 30, 2020, with ten phases. Each phase will run for six days. Each phase will include 300 tests for a total of 3,000 test kits. The first community to receive the test kits will be the Rocinha community in Rio de Janeiro. Test kits are the first Proficiency Test (EP) approved in Brazil. Only one drop of blood is needed to detect antibodies and works for both symptomatic & asymptomatic patients; delivering results in less than 20 minutes.  A team of trained interviewers will do the screening and scheduling for each phase.


Favelas sem Corona will help identify communities within Rio de Janeiro to test; Hi Technologies will help with the execution of the test kits; Rappi, Ribon and IMPACTO will serve as technology platforms by which citizens can donate for this ongoing project.


Through our social networks, we use informal, simple and objective language to keep favela residents informed about the care that should be taken in relation to the coronavirus. The financial donations we receive are also used to purchase soaps, alcohol gels and masks, which we deliver to entities and organizations that work in the communities,” explains Pedro Berto, from Favelas sem Corona.


We need to support these communities and individuals to return to a normal life and help reduce the spread of COVID through testing and knowledge,” says Sebastian Mejia, founder of IMPACTO and Rappi.


Actress Maria Gal from “Vogue Gente” will serve as an ambassador to the Favela sem Corona project.


Brazil is ranked as one of the top infected countries in world with more than 133,000 deaths and four million Coronavirus cases. Testing can significantly reduce the impact of COVID-19 in favelas, we are committed to provide access to tools that will educate and prevent the spread by diagnosing and supporting those who test positive. By law, all positive cases will be sent to government and local health officials. Positive patients will be monitored by local health officials in the coming days.


Bora Testar project, which has already been developing campaigns in favelas in São Paulo, hired residents of the community itself to assist and screen local residents. Through the Ciente digital platform (https://app.ciente.net/covid/), interviewers were trained and will be divided among the 78 census sectors in Rocinha, demarcated by the Ibrazilian Institute of Geography Statistics, to proportionally reach the entire territory. With this methodology, socioeconomic data will be collected to translate the impact of the coronavirus in place and, with that, possibilities of changes for public policies.


Our mission is to bring access to health to the largest number of people, that’s why we embarked on this project. Hilab makes it possible to make health more accessible to everyone, because the same examination that is done in conventional laboratories is also performed by the device, with value and places that are much more accessible to the population,” says Marcus Figueredo, Hi Technologies’ CEO.


The Rocinha Residents Association will take care of the structure set up to carry out the project. “We will continue to work to serve our residents. I am very grateful on behalf of the community for this action that is very important for all of us,” says Wallace Pereira, president, Rocinha Residents Association.


Ribon, in turn, initiated a campaign within its donation app for this cause. On the phone screen, anyone can donate to “Favela sem Corona.” The platform connects individuals with supporting companies in the mission of acquiring and applying tests in Rio de Janeiro’s communities. “We had this idea of creating Ribon guided by the purpose of encouraging the culture of donation in Brazil. The problems brought about by the pandemic showed that socialtechs, which are startups focused on social causes, are of great importance not only for the ecosystem of startups, but also for society. It is a pleasure for Ribon to join with IMPACTO, Hilab, Favela Sem Corona and Bora Testar to acquire the tests that will be used as a way to control the spread of COVID-19 in areas of vulnerability,” says Rafael Rodeiro,the startups’ CEO.




About IMPACTO Global Inc.
IMPACTO is a non-profit relief organization based in Florida committed to helping Latin America. Its current mission is to provide care to patients and health workers through medical equipment, ventilators, sanitary kits, meals and telemedicine while also monitoring the evolution of the virus by bringing massive testing to countries in the region in the fight against COVID-19. Visit https://impactoglobal.org/or contact us at media@impactoglobalinc.com for further information.


About Hi Technologies

Founded by entrepreneurs Marcus Figueredo and Sérgio Rogal respectively CEO and CTO, Hi Technologies started with few resources but did not make the lack of funds a barrier to follow its purpose of reinventing medical technology, creating products and solutions that help to democratize access to health. Its flagship is an innovative internet “pocket” laboratory, Hilab, a laboratory testing service that uses artificial intelligence to speed up medical diagnosis. This service won the Inova e Saúde award in 2018 by ABIMO (Brazilian Association of the Medical and Dental Equipment and Equipment Industry). Among its investors, Healthtech has Positivo Informática, Qualcomm Ventures, and Monashees.



About Rappi

Rappi is a superapp that solves the lives of its users by offering them a unique platform for their daily needs and desires. The company, created in 2015, arrived in Brazil in July 2017 and is present in more than 100 cities in the country. Through the application it is possible to get products and services from different categories, including restaurants, supermarkets, beverages, pharmacies, manicures, dogwalkers, e-commerce, entertainment, among others. In addition to Brazil, Rappi is present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.


About Ribon

Ribon (https://www.ribon.io) was founded in Brasilia by the Production Engineering student at UnB (University of Brasilia), Rafael Rodeiro, in 2016, after finishing his term as president of the institution’s junior company . His goal was to undertake something that had a purpose. The goal was to start work that makes donating to charity something that is part of the Brazilian culture, going beyond national television campaigns or providing occasional donations on the streets. Three years later, Ribon experienced acceleration in Cotidiano, an investment by Redpoint and currently participates in the Itaú CUBO program.


About Bora Testar

Conceived to take Covid-19 diagnostic tests to the favelas of Brazil, the objective of the campaign is to help preserve the health of this population, in addition to generating data that better reflect the reality of these locations. With four basic pillars: information, screening, symptomatic examinations and tracking, the campaign was created and developed by Outdoor Social and Latam Intersect PR, communication companies that joined with their different specialties to carry it out.


Contact !mpacto at media@impactoglobalinc.com