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“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Theresa 


Bogota, Colombia was the first city where we launched our Meals initiative. Partnering with two local organizations, Techo and Frubana, we developed a project set to impact specific communities. Our goal was simple, to reach out to families that are in need, struggling with issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Techo is an organization that has presence in 19 countries in Latin America.  It is a youth led NGO that seeks to overcome poverty in slums throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. They create houses for families in impoverished areas. During the pandemic, they partnered with Frubana to help those same families in need of meals and groceries.

Frubana is a B2B platform of agricultural products and packed goods for restaurants and small retailers in LatAm. They are a Colombian based agrotech company that eliminates intermediaries in the food industry between producers and buyers, connecting restaurants directly with producers. 

Together, they have become strategic partners in identifying families that need help, and meals. In the first stage of the initiative, we were able to deliver grocery baskets for a week to 146 families. Over 750 people were impacted by our visit through Techo volunteers. In each home, approximately 50% of the household was made up of children and seniors. Many studies prove that both of these age groups are most vulnerable and in need of adequate nutrition for a long-term healthy life. We also identified unemployment in 116 families, understanding the huge impact that the pandemic has caused in rising hunger in many countries. 

In impacto, Attention, is one of our four main pillars. We are committed to identifying communities at risk and reach out to them, with our open hands, bringing sustainable solutions to specific problems. Through our meal’s initiative, 100% of donations go directly to children and families in our LatAm communities that need it most. But our work has just begun. We are actively looking for partners and donors that want to be part of our mission to bring food to the many families that are not receiving proper nutrition. 

We hope you will consider joining us in our mission to nourish as many people as we possibly can. Together, we know we can make a big impact.

Written by @andreahalaby.heal.poetry

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