impacto + frubana + techo = seeking to overcome poverty in slums

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” 
Winston Churchill

Attention is one of our four main pillars, that speaks about caring, watching and ensuring that people in need will receive our help with medical supplies and nutrition. As a non-profit relief organization, one of our primary initiatives is to do testing for Covid-19 in vulnerable communities throughout Latin America. 

We believe that if people feel that they are being taken care of, they will take care of their own families and others. This testing will give them the safety net they need to feel protected, so they can protect the people around them. 

We are launching our program in Brazil, starting in Jacintha. The project will run for six days and will be split into ten phases. !MPACTO and “Favelas sem Corona”, partnered up with leading technology company, Hilab, with the aim of testing thousands of people by using the first Proficiency Test (EP) approved, and carried out previously in Brazil for SARS-CoV2. Only one drop of blood is needed to detect antibodies and works for both symptomatic & asymptomatic patients; delivering results in less than 20 minutes. 

So far, we will provide 300 tests per location and will be running from September to November. Tech companies such as Hilab, Ribon & Oyo are some of our partners committed to provide testing kits, medical training, fundraisers, technology resources, locations and more. Our goal is to test 3,000 people in different favelas throughout Rio de Janeiro, because we believe that testing can significantly reduce the impact of Covid-19 in the region. 

As we test and receive the results, we will prevent the virus from spreading by diagnosing and supporting with information those who are positive.  By law, all cases will be notified to the government and local health officials and positive patients will be monitored by local health officials in the coming days.

One of our major concerns is to reach out to people that need support, and we are committed to look out for those people and give back hope, helping them believe that they will have a good future.

Written by @andreahalaby.heal.poetry

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