looking for a little bit of sunlight?


Impacto was born during unprecedented times. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout history, pandemics similar to this one destroyed dreams and took millions of lives. This time hit a little differently, with the media and social platforms showing the world in real-time, the vulnerability of many countries and regions. 

With this in mind, Ralf Wenzel from Soft Bank and Sebastian Mejia from Rappi, along with a group of entrepreneurs and artists joined forces to create Impacto, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help reduce the impact caused by the pandemic. In times of uncertainty, Ralf and Sebas, two successful entrepreneurs, decided to believe in new ideas to impact communities that were highly devastated both economically and emotionally. What started as an idea, became a modern organization of more than twenty people from around the world creating a unique team.  Each from different backgrounds, different expertise, and different generations, Impacto gathered a team of creative people, with a great sense of compassion and the will to change the world one initiative at a time. 

Just a few months after it’s launch, Impacto currently has several ongoing initiatives in three countries that support families in matters of nutrition, education, health and wellbeing. With help from partners the team can directly reach cities that need support, communities that feel abandoned, and people that have lost hope for a better future. With feet on the ground, Impacto aims to impact thousands of homes and deliver hope back to all those families that have been affected. 

Today, in a time where the pandemic has long-term implications, Impacto has promised to stay. With donations and strategic partners, they are committed to reach more doors and see more smiles in all of those windows where families stand, looking for a little bit of sunlight.

Written by @andreahalaby.heal.poetry